3.0.2079 Beta is out - minor update with tweaks and bug fixes


So here’s a quick update with some bug fixes and tweaks!

New in this release

  1. Runtime/UE4 Plugin
  • added convenience coroutines _wait_begin_overlap, _wait_end_overlap, _wait_take_any_damage, _wait_take_point_damage
  • added warning that these will not work properly when several events might occur within the same frame
  • fixed incomplete check for special characters in variable names
  • improved comment/tooltip on SkookumScriptComponent UI
  • updated build and upload scripts with tvOS support
  • reorganized files for new combined (runtime + generator) plugin architecture (4.11 and up)
  1. Runtime/SkookumScript (mostly internal improvements/bug fixes)
  • added recovery code for coroutine call on nil object
  • fixed bug when identifier is accessed in scope that’s not a SkInvokedContextBase
  • fixed test for method invocation on class so it works when invoked from REPL when game is not running (this = startup mind’s meta class)
  • parser now detects variables/parameters shadowed by each other, and reports error on use
  • no error if shadowing occurs but variable never used
  • now skipping return args when capturing closure variables
  • fixed bug in SkClosure::closure_method_call() where the captured variables were not properly placed in the invoked method’s args array
  • numerous other internal tweaks and bug fixes
  1. Skookum IDE
  • made not connected error message more descriptive
  1. SkookumDemo
  • updated _berzerk coroutine

How to get it

If you are signed up for our closed beta, simply click here for further download instructions. If you are not signed up yet, join our closed beta now!

And of course, if you want to try out SkookumScript without having to install Unreal Engine first, get our latest greatest standalone demo from our public download page.

Again, please tell us (on this forum) if you encounter any glitches or have trouble setting up or running this update!



Great job!
Like always.
Keep it up guys. We’re working with SkookumScript for few days and it already saved us hours of work.


Just tested 3.0.2079 in 4.12 (github promoted branch), the generator failed to run with error

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'InputCoreTypes.generated.h': No such file or directory

( It’s not a urgent issue as 4.12 is still a little far in the future )


Hey Nate welcome back and thanks for giving our latest a spin!

This error is a UE4 error, not ours. Try syncing to master again tomorrow it’s probably fixed by then.


That’s my first thought. But it turns out UE4 builds just fine without SkookumScript plugins. It might be something to do with the new script plugin architecture, but haven’t got the time to track down what exactly been changed since 4.11.


You are right that is indeed strange. We’ll investigate this.


Ok this was a bug with the dependency resolution in the Unreal build system. Seems like it is fixed in the head revision. Try pulling latest from Epic and see if it’s still an issue.