3.0.2020 Beta brings 4.10.1 support plus workflow and integration polish


And just in time for the holidays, here is a yet better and more polished SkookumScript!

NOTE: Syntax changes abound! Please read the VectorMath section below as you might have to make some minor adjustments to your existing script code.

New in this release

  1. Runtime/SkookumScript
  • additional error checking under the hood reporting unregistered raw data members
  • fixed referencing bug in coroutine closures
  • fixed potential crash bug in assert condition
  • disabled game shutdown console messages as these will otherwise attempt to re-launch the IDE if it has been closed before UE4
  • under the hood optimized handling of raw data members
  1. Runtime/UE4 Plugin
  • master mind now gets created when game simulation starts, and deleted when simulation ends
  • when simulation does not run, the console uses the startup mind’s metaclass as the context (i.e. only class methods can be run)
  • assigned ALT-~ keyboard shortcut to Skookum Button (does not work though - suspect UE4 bug since some of their own keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Content Browser) don’t work either)
  • auto-checkout/add of Project-Generated files - disabled for now
  1. VectorMath script library
  • changed VectorMath library over to use raw data members instead of getters & setters
    e.g. Vector3.x is now Vector3.@x, and Vector3.x_set(42) is now Vector3.@x := 42
  • changed static constants to constructors
    e.g. Vector3.@@direction_up, Vector3.@@axis_y, Color.@@yellow etc. is now Vector3!up, Vector3!axis_y, Color!yellow etc.
  • renamed a few methods for brevity and consistency
    e.g. Color.rgba_set() is now Color.set()
  1. Skookum IDE
  • changed file checksum algorithm so that the IDE now properly detects if binaries need to be recomplied
  • IDE now always sends command to runtime after recompiling the entire project to reload the binaries
  • in class browser navigation view, mark parent class of Actor class bold as well (i.e. Entity)
  • fixed and updated sample code in workspace.sk
  1. AgogCore
  • AVCompactArray bug fixes
  • added more binary serialization methods to AVCompactArrayBase
  • set array pointers to null if zero size is requested
  1. SkookumDemo
  • refactored demo scripts to function according to the new paradigm where the master mind gets created and deleted when game is started/ended
  • fixed up scripts according to VectorMath changes in SkookumDemo and Blueprints_Sk

How to get it

If you are signed up for our closed beta, simply click here for further download instructions. If you are not signed up yet, join our closed beta now!

And of course, if you want to try out SkookumScript without having to install Unreal Engine first, get our latest greatest standalone demo from our public download page.

Again, please tell us (on this forum) if you encounter any glitches or have trouble setting up or running this update!