3.0.1897 Beta is here with Blueprint structs, default arguments and more!


Here we go again - we can’t help ourselves but post yet another update with new features and improvements!

New in this release

  • Any struct (such as HitResult) can now be passed into Blueprint exposed SkookumScript functions, and be returned from Blueprint exposed SkookumScript event nodes
  • Default arguments are now generated for all UE4 engine functions labeled as BlueprintCallable, so you don’t have to specify each and every argument any more when you call into the engine from SkookumScript

Plus the following minor updates, improvements and fixes:

  • changed class method Name.none into constructor Name!none
  • after class is updated remotely from the IDE, any Blueprints that have errors are recompiled as such errors might have been caused by improper script files
  • pretty formatting of generated method parameter list
  • export all valid structs and enums known to UnrealHeaderTool at header parse time, not just the ones referenced by exported classes
  • removed Vector and Plane - parented to Vector3 instead
  • fixed include path issue with iOS build
  • numerous bug fixes making SkookumScript more stable than ever

Get your hands on it

If you are signed up for our closed beta, simply click here for further download instructions. If you are not signed up yet, join our closed beta now!

Updated demo projects!

If you haven’t investigated the suspicious swirly effects in our latest demo, wander into robotic mystery land with our latest updated demo with simplified script code. With the new default arguments, the butterfly demo also became simpler, here are the latest greatest updated versions. Download both from here (must be signed up as beta tester to access).

And of course, if you want to try out SkookumScript without having to install Unreal Engine first, here is our latest greatest standalone demo:

SkookumDemo Standalone Minigame 3.0.1897 Beta

Again, please tell us (on this forum) if you encounter any glitches or have trouble setting up or running this update!


3.0.1897 Beta - get your hands on it!