Enhancements & Evolution

Expand all and Collapse all for classes window (1)
An option for Auto-Compilation when project is played (2)
Access to TextBlock text data (2)
Context-sensitive Goto Definition (3)
Feature request: Summon a "Skookum console command box" in UE while in running game in PIE' (3)
Future Enumeration Syntax (1)
Feature suggestion: update names of variables and functions in all scripts when you change it in its declaration (3)
An option/hotkey to prevent intellisense appearing when writing comments (3)
My first impressions - continued (1)
Skookum IDE, the first impression/wish-list (9)
Mixins and Interfaces (5)
End user modding (12)
Feature Request: "Blueprintable" Minds (2)
Any way to create edit SkookumScripts in a packaged game? (4)
[Tutorials] [Suggestion] Step by Step Tutorials on building a game from Scratch with SkookumScript and Unreal (3)
Welcome to Enhancements & Evolution! (1)